Holly Willoughby, " I could have done with a Thudguard for my daughter Bell! " as quoted on the ITV Award Winning show, This Morning"

Steve Wilson and his willing volunteers preview a selection of the latest practical gadgets and products on the market that promise to aid in the protection of our children.

With Christmas around the corner many parents are going to be preoccupied preparing for the festivities. But whether you're on the high street, or closer to home, keeping children safe is the number one priority - so how do you keep your eyes on them all the time? Let's see if technology can help...

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Angela Awarded the Thudguard 5/5 -VISIT

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Product Tested By Angela Bailey - Jack 1 Year

Angela Awarded the Thud guard 5/5 - Wins the Silver 2010/2011 Award

First impressions were that the Thud guard looked cute and cuddly. The packaging is bright, innovative and fun and instructions are also very in-depth and easy to understand. The product is of very high quality and does exactly what it says on the box. I think for what the product does, it is extremely good value for money and I have already recommended it to others. I felt the product was excellent value for money and that it was a fantastic solution for providing a safe way for my son to learn to walk. Excellent product would defiantly recomm...

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The Thudguard infant safety hat has been featured on the BBC's leading business reality show: The Apprentice.

The BAFTA winning show starring one of Britain's leading businessmen, Sir Alan Sugar, gives weekly tasks to 15 potential candidates, whom are all competing to securing a £100,000 a year job, working for one of Sir Alan Sugar's businesses. Famously every week one failed candidate gets told Sir Alan's favourite line: ‘You're fired' as they are kicked off the show.

Thudguard was chosen by The Apprentice to be included in a selection of baby products that could be picked by the two teams of candidates in the show: The teams were Ignite and Empire.

After a gruelling selection process, the Thudguard found itself being picked b...

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A North-East woman who invented a safety hat to protect young children from bumps and bruises has been honoured at a ceremony.

Kelly Forsyth-Gibson, whose invention, the Thudguard, was featured on The Apprentice, was in the final five in the innovation category of the John Logie Baird Awards at one of Scotland's biggest innovation talent search at the Glasgow Science Centre.

Kelly said, "I am really pleased to have got so far, this trophy is a reward for not giving up".

As people in South Africa prepared to mark Head Injuries Day on March 20, Kelly said there should be a similar day in the UK.

"People don't know enough about head injuries. Babies and toddlers can have bumps all the time while learning to walk".

Thudguard Baby Safety Hat inventor and mum of three, Kelly Forsyth-Gibson has received great reviews for her recently launched children's book titled; "Jan Otters' Closet". The beautifully illustrated book is now being sold world-wide by many online bookstores as well as the renowned high street retailer, Waterston's.

Jan Otters' Closet: The Beginning - tells the story of a young primary school girl who is notorious for getting into trouble which often leaves her feeling miserable and lonely. Her only companion is her imagination, but this day dreaming at the strangest of times causes turmoil, particularly in class. The adolescent is bullied in school and through a serious of events, is locked in the school janitors cupboard which magical...

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Be Inspired to Innovate for Your Future - "The difference between a dream and success is grabbing every opportunity that comes your way"

Thudguard Inventor Selected to Speak at Premier Event - 2nd March 2010

The 2010 Scotland Conference kicked off with keynote speaker Liz Jackson MBE, founder of Great Guns Marketing. Liz shared the story of her extraordinary achievements and successes, and attitude to business.

As a business owner it's important to take time out and to be inspired, get new ideas and plan for future growth and profit. That's what the 2010 everywoman Conference Scotland, which took place at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Glasgow on Tuesday 2nd March, was all about.

Kelly Forsyth-Gibson, Managing Director of Thudguard joined Liz to...

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The team of TV was present at the fair of Bebés&Mamás in Alicante, September 26th and 27th 2009, broadcasting the launch of our newly appointed Spanish distributor, (Visit out Thudguard Spanish website -

New products within the nursery industry were exhibited and Thudguard stood out once again capturing the interest of parents, nursery owners, health officials, retailers and the world.

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An Aberdeen woman who invented a hat that protects children from head injuries as they learn to walk had a private audience with Sir Jackie Stewart yesterday. Kelly spoke with the motor racing legend following the launch of the Grampian Business Start Up Awards at the Marcliffe Of Pitfodels.

Sir Jackie, a past Formula One world champion was a guest speaker at the business breakfast event held in the luxury hotel. Sir Jackie encouraged the fledgling entrepreneur to push on and never give up on such an important safety device.

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Cash For Kids are delighted to announce that they will be the beneficiaries from sales of Thudguard® infant safety helmets. 10% from each sale will be donated to the charity.

The Thudguard infant safety helmet is a revolutionary product invented in the United Kingdom. This ½ inch thick impact tested lightweight protective foam hat is designed to help absorb and reduce the impact of falls from a child's own height and lessen the chance of head injury when infants are learning to walk.

Thudguard have also pledged to donate helmets to some of our underprivileged playgroups and nursery children. They will join us when we take part in the Bon Accord Centre Child Safety Week (21st - 27th June 2010), and will be donating helmets for th...

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Helmets, harnesses, knee pads? Can a parent take their child's safety too far? "Free Range Kids -v- Protective Parents" - and what's wrong with protecting your child from a head injury?

Would you let your 9 year old ride the subway alone in New York? Some risks are worth taking but you make up your own mind.......

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Certified and Impact Tested to comply with DTI PPE Category II (89/686/EEC)

British Association of Accident and Emergency Medicine

Removal of harmful substances compliant