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Thudguard ™ Armadillo Pillow - Infant Cycle Helmet Liner & Neck Support



Infant Cycle Helmet Liner & Neck Support

If you can’t find a small enough infant cycle helmet to fit your little one – THIS IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU!

Reduces any Small Helmet Size down to 40 – 44 cm


Most child helmets only go down to a size 48cm.  We provide our customers with a size smaller, 46 – 48cm.  However, there is a need for even smaller helmets.

We NOW offer you the Thudguard™ Armadillo Pillow helmet liner and neck support to complement our existing small helmet and make it even smaller, solving this problem. 

Reduces any Small Helmet Size to 40 – 44 cm

Adds Comfort and a Snug / Safe Fit

  • Liner and neck support are covered in soft plush material
  • Cute fun ears add fun to any helmet
  • Universally designed to fit into any small helmet

Helps Avoid:

  1. Shaken head when travelling
  2. Uncomfortable neck
  3. Badly fitted helmet

You will have a better journey when you know your infant is supported this way.

Innovative and really, really CUTE......

(customer is purchasing the helmet liner and neck support only.  DOES not come with the helmet - PICTURES are with helmet for display purposes only)

3 Reasons we HAD to invent this product for you:

  • USA retail outlets existing products were too


  • USA retail outlets did not have a suitable product to fit this age


  • USA retail outlets did not have the innovation to come up with an

idea like this

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Certified and Impact Tested to comply with DTI PPE Category II (89/686/EEC)

British Association of Accident and Emergency Medicine

Removal of harmful substances compliant